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Our History

Lloyds Rigging Lifting Testing Ltd was established as a limited company in July 2017 specifically to meet the demands for equipment and support services generated by the ever increasing commercialisation of the Defence – Marine and Commercial industry.

Staff at LRLT have over a hundred years experience of working with, and for, the MoD, Armed Forces and the Defence & Marine industry for Public and Private Sector Limited and PLC Corporate Companies.

Since 1985, in one way or another, our Staff have been involved with providing Services and Procurement for Defence-related projects within our Scope of Supply.

Recent & Past Experience

Awarded the contracts to re-instate the full Rigging Warrants, covering – Anchors and Cables – Towing Hawsers – Mooring Equipment – RAS Equipment – Ships Boats – Lifesaving and Safety – Cranes – Deck Equipment, and provide the FOS (first outfit of Stores) for MoD Ships sold to Romania, Chile, and Brazil on a government to government sale on behalf of the MoD direct – BAE – FSL and their respective customers.

Project manage, manufacture supply and fit NFC and MMFC tug fenders and Ancillary Equipment.

Holder of several long term Framework Agreements for Rigging Lifting and Testing

Supply of Services and Products to many of our MoD ships during Operational Fleet Time, in Refit, and Maintenance Periods at various Dockyards / Shipyards.

Putting together Large and Small Bids – PQQs – ITTs leading to the successful award of Contracts.

Project Manage the Loler 98 & 2006, BR3027, Survey, Inspections and Tests on Naval – Marine – Ships, Shore Establishments and Commercial/Industrial Sites

Provide Supply Chain for all Rigging – Lifting & Testing Equipment Industrial – Military – Commercial – Marine Ships and Shore Establishments.

What We Do

Lloyds Rigging Lifting Testing Ltd (LRLT) are a small but fast growing company who have impressed the MOD and Prime Contractors, in turn leading to major contracts and orders being placed.

The ethos of the company is to provide timely expertise and advice to its customers backed up by realistic pricing and prompt deliveries to where the equipment or service is actually required.

The company has made a point of maintaining a relatively small but loyal supplier base which in turn is being repaid by competitive pricing, flexibility and good delivery performance.

  •  Project Management for Marine Services
  • Provision of Marine Services
  • Procurement of NATO & Commercially Specified Stores
  • Rigging – Lifting and Testing
  • LSA Support as per customers requirements
  • Transportation & Manpower
  • Manufacturer of traditional MoD standard Fendering and Rigging assemblies.
  • Innovative Supply – R.O.M.E – R.O.S.E – R.O.L.E
  • Complete packages such as FOS (first outfit of stores)
  • Strategic Sourcing Specialists


ISO Ladder Sales – Testing – Training email – plt@lloyds-rlt.com for further information.


We aim to Provide:
  • Proven expertise
  • Fair pricing
  • Prompt delivery
  • Risk Sharing
  • Gain Share
  • Partnering for mutual benefit

Our People


Derek Foster


Over 30 Years of Senior Management Positions
Falklands and Gulf War Veteran
CEO & Owner Lloyds Rigging Lifting Testing Ltd (LRLT)
Strategic Growth Executive IMES Ltd then after acquisition for IMES International Ltd
Managing Director (Owner) Lloyds British Defence Ltd
CEO & Owner Military Marine Ltd (merged with Lloyds British Testing and Re-Named to Lloyds British Defence Limited in 2012)
Defence Operations Executive Certex Defence
Consultant/Naval Adviser
CEO & Owner of Global Defence Procurement Limited (GDP) (sold to Certex in 2006
Business Development Manager (Defence)  at a PLC marine safety company
Retired Royal Navy Seaman Specialist:
16 years service, 03 as PO Seaman Specialist

Dave Smith

Professional Marine Consultant

Over 25 Years of Senior Management Positions.





Karen Foster

Managing Director

Over 15 Years of Senior Management Positions

MD Lloyds Rigging Lifting Testing Ltd

Manager of Speedy 

Branch Manager of Lloyds British Defence Ltd

Director of Military Marine Ltd




John Healy

Lead Rigger (HM Dockyard & Ropes Manufacturer trained)
40 years service


Paige Foster

Part time Senior Office Manager 

Trainee Rigger (LRLT & Manufacturer trained)
10 years service

ISO Ladders Sales – Testing – Training – (Manufacturer trained)